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Welcome to Cooleyville. I have gathered information about myself and my fight with Prostate Cancer, my interests, my three families and our international friends. They are here for you to explore and enjoy. This site is dedicated to these families, relatives and friends. It is a way to keep all of you up to date on my Prostate Cancer and the happenings of the all of us.

Note that all lighter blue bold underlined text is a link to the respective page. Browse to your heart's content and most of all ENJOY!

Important Notice! I have attempted to keep most photos on a "Photo" page. There may be one or two photos on a "Text" page for interest. The "Photo" page photos, and some others, are "thumbnails" and you can click on the photo and see an enlarged version of that photo. These "Photo" pages may take a while to load. You may go directly to listing of "Photo" pages by clicking on Direct links to "Photo" pages. I also have inserted links to the next page or section, where called for, so you can continue forward through the site easily. These links start at My Early Years page.

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Remember much of this web site is under construction and will be changing frequently. Don't be surprised if something takes you to a blank page. Be sure to come back often to see what has been added.

Don Cooley, San Jose, CA

This is January, 2003 and I am doing well with a PSA of less than 0.03. A good chance that I am cured!!!!

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